Easy Bay Express: Saving the News

If the coronavirus crisis has taught us anything, it is that the work of journalists and photojournalists is essential. Without it how would we know how our communities are being affected? How would we know the basic measures we need to take to ensure our health? How would we know about the political controversies involving everything from the availability of tests and respirators to the opening of schools and workplaces?

Our work as journalists and photojournalists is taking us out into our communities, often without adequate protective gear, interviewing struggling families and photographing the courageous workers who remain on the job, keeping our society functioning.

As journalists and photojournalists we are critical to surviving the current crisis, as we tell the stories of working men and women, and highlight the needs of working people. We are working-class people ourselves, many represented by unions like my own, The NewsGuild, CWA.

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