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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the largest news stories many of us have seen or will ever see in our lifetime. Its impacts have been devastating in many ways — particularly in the loss of life but also in the loss of livelihoods.

This is the type of story that lights a fire under journalists — a group that’s driven by a mission to inform the public in such critical ways. And we’ve been humbled seeing that our coverage has reminded so many of the importance of this craft, as our websites have seen significant increases in traffic from concerned citizens needing to stay informed.

But despite the increases in digital traffic, and despite our government recognizing newspapers as one of the many essential businesses that must continue operations during the pandemic, we are suffering losses alongside the rest of the nation as a result of COVID-19.

We have lost advertisers who have been forced to pull their placements as their own businesses shut their doors — either temporarily or permanently. We have lost subscribers — some who are concerned about how they can afford their subscription at a time when they may no longer be getting a paycheck. We, like so many businesses, have lost productivity as we have scrambled to transition our business to support remote, virtual operations wherever possible.

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