Here’s how entrepreneurial local journalists are fighting back against Alden Global Capital

“We endured cut after cut after cut. I had to lay people off,” he said. “We were under assault, really, from our own owners, and nothing that we did — not being faster, smarter, more digital — none of those things really matter when a hedge fund doesn’t really care about the community or the journalism that the newspaper it owns produces. It’s really about this quarter’s return.”
Ryckman walked away and, several months later, helped found The Colorado Sun, a website that specializes in the sort of public-interest journalism that Alden was unwilling to fund.

“I just determined that I would rather do anything else in life than to dismantle a proud newsroom and lay off my friends and colleagues and eventually be laid off myself,” said Ryckman, who serves as editor of the Sun’s 10-person newsroom. “So it was easy, frankly, as much as I loved being at the Post. It was easy to make that leap into the unknown to start up something new.”

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