Save The News | Life-Saving News Needs a Stimulus

America’s access to life-saving news is at risk. COVID-19 and its economic impact have devastated news outlets, causing tens of thousands of furloughs, layoffs, and pay cuts.

We depend on news more than ever to get the latest information on our communities and to keep our families safe. This crisis threatens the journalists and newsrooms that keep that critical information flowing.

Congress can save critical newsrooms by including aid in future recovery packages. Our leaders must come together and take decisive action to prevent community news from going extinct.

Tell Congress to Save The News!

News is an essential service and our country can’t afford to lose it during this pandemic. Journalists and other media workers are working on never-ending deadlines and risking their own health to provide life-saving information to a nation sheltering in place.

Check out the #SaveTheNews hashtag on Twitter. This week local journalists are spotlighting the work that shows how essential they are, particularly in the midst of a pandemic. The hashtag is part of a new NewsGuild campaign to convince Congress to include relief $$$ for the news industry in the next Covid-19 stimulus package.
Many local news outlets, like newspapers and tv and radio stations, are suffering financially during the pandemic, but there is an effort to get local media some financial relief in the form of a legislative aid package. Helping lead the effort to convince lawmakers the assistance is vital is NewsGuild President Jon Schluess, who is both a former Arkansas resident and voice on KUAF.
“And when you lose a small daily or a weekly, you lose the journalist who was gonna show up at your school board meeting, your planning board meeting, your county commissioner meeting,” she said. Communities lose transparency and accountability. Then, she said, research shows that taxes go up and voter participation goes down.
The NewsGuild-CWA, the largest union for journalists in North America, on Monday launched a new advocacy campaign to compel Congress to assist local news organizations financially harmed by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.
Today, The NewsGuild is launching a new advocacy campaign, Save The News, to make the case for why local newsrooms must be included in future federal recovery efforts to support essential industries. Although journalists are covering the biggest story of their lives, the news industry is fighting to survive. L

The top media union in North America is launching a historic advocacy campaign in a desperate effort to gin up political support to help stave off the economic crunch on the news industry.

A bipartisan U.S. Senate proposal of Democrats Maria Cantwell, Amy Klobuchar, Chuck Schumer and Republicans John Boozman and Joni Ernst would provide news outlets emergency assistance under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).
A $3 trillion federal coronavirus relief bill unveiled Tuesday would make local newspapers and broadcast outlets eligible for small business loans to keep employees on the payroll, according to U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer.